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This shot was taken from Painted Triclinium, looking at Roman Soldier’s tomb: both on the Wadi al Farasa side trail, below the Garden Tomb of which I posted many photos in Petra.4. Your first view of Painted Triclinium came with Petra.7 — and I believe the colors are all natural rock, not actual paint. But I didn’t scratch to see :-). There will be more of Painted Triclinium ahead – it’s off the main path, so less noticed, but truly remarkable. As I sort and set up this post, it’s a week since I flew out of Jordan back to A’dam, and two weeks already since my full day inside Petra. I’m so grateful for the many kind comments and emails you’ve sent! I’m doing precisely what I recommended to you, my readers: looking at the map, checking the time stamp on the photos themselves, and reminding myself what I did when. I have to finish sorting and naming all of these before I forget! And there are so many! It’s an endlessly amazing place! And I barely showed you one photo of Amman, a week ago…and have not yet even given you a glimpse of Jerash!

Ok, ok, fine: there’s a lot more in store, if you stay tuned. For today, we’ll focus on the Painted Triclinium, and all that can be seen both within, without it, and from within it looking out. Enjoy 🙂