Although Jerash was mainly a Roman town, for some reason the first two main buildings you come to after the grand Hadrian’s Arch and then the Hippodrome are the Lower and then the Upper Temple of Zeus. Don’t ask me why they’re calling it Zeus in the guide book, when we all know the Romans decided to call the guy Jupiter instead of Zeus. 🙂 Both yesterday’s post, and the next several, will have more photos taken in, of, and from these two first main temple areas. The top and bottom shots today were taken from the hill leading to upper Zeus. The shot just above, sorry to say, got renamed incorrectly so I’m honestly not sure what time I took it, so I don’t know where it was taken, so — you can call it anythign you want! And yes, my beloved loyal reader in Houston, there will be more lovely puffy white clouds against blue skies to be seen. Enjoy!

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