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More of Nijmegen’s proud history: the Barbarossa-ruïne in Valkhof Park — what remains of a building made for Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

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The Waal at Nijmegen, which carries more than half the water which enters NL when the Rhine comes in from Germany. I’ve heard the Rhine in DE is now at dangerously low levels for commerce, and I’m sure the Rhine’s various branches are also lower than normal in NL The Dutch being the engineers of water that they are, though, I somehow assume they’re opening and closing flow controls to sustain volume in the various branches at viable levels for as long as possible.

Fun fact: what you see right here was the northernmost edge of the Roman empire for some few hundred years, after they gave up trying to take even more territory away from the Germanic tribes still resisting on the other side of the Rhine.

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The first time, I believe, that I’ve devoted an entry in the Small Wonders series to a human creation. But this 2000-year-old Roman wonder from the superb museum in Nijmegen captivated my spirit with its luminous beauty, to be quite honest. Roman – and other ancient or modern – glassware will sometimes have that effect on me 🙂


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