Amman is full of hills, and home to many ancient ruins. The Citadel is in the heart of the old city, with its oldest ruins dating to the Romans, and the dramatic lovely domed audience-hall dating to the Umayyad dynasty. That building with the dome is the most intact structure remaining. Since we have so very many photos still from both Jerash and Petra to work our way through, I’m going to be doing larger posts with more photos from Amman. It has a reputation among some as being a “boring” city in the Middle East. I think boring might be welcome to many residents of other cities, but what do I know?

One response

  1. Sam Craig

    Do they mean boring just in that it has fewer crazy interesting structures too? In my opinion it is mighty beautiful! And a peaceful town sounds welcome to me too.

    November 8, 2021 at 04:49

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