So Jerash is certainly not as enormous nor as awe-inspiring as Petra, but it’s pretty darn big and has a remarkable number of fairly-intact structures, and simply gazillions of gorgeous columns, beautifully weathered (as in below)and with lovely hilly backdrops (ibid). As an intermezzo before your armchair tour-guide returns you to Petra, not too shabby, eh? Oh,and btw, as in Petra, succeeding generations of empires also built stuff here, so you’ll see some Byzantine churches, and some of the shot below is Byzantine. But note, in the shot below, that you are also seeing Hadrian’ Arch, which is the entance to the whole complex — it’s near the middle, just left of the tall column. I’ve conveniently placed another photo taken from inside, but closer, so you can look for the right roofline profile :-).

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