City Views.106

Herewith, as promised earlier, all the remaining photos I took from, at, or inside the National Monument. My guide book – purchased last-minute from the book store around the corner, and thus in Dutch – indicates this colossal statue of national hero Jan Žižka is one of the largest statues in the world to depict a mounted horseman. Prague, one learns if one chooses to devote a bit of time to it, has quite a remarkably rich and important history. When I first visited, way back when, my mother talked a lot about the Defenestration of Prague. And yes, when I got to the castle I saw the “Window of the Defenestration. Look it up, if you’re curious – also the link around John Zizka’s (Czech-spelled) name above. As you’ll see below, this monument is not just the statue, nor the sweeping panoramic views of the city, but also the interior, which is both grand and full of lovely details. And yes, if you click on the photo above to enlarge it, you will indeed see the Prague Castle around the middle top. Coming soon to a post on your (preferably large) screen – even more of that site, which is far more visited than this one.




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