Small Wonders.112

Taken from the Charles Bridge, almost indubitably the single most-popular tourist strolling location in Prague. The ever-present castle is slightly visible in the distance, middle of photo, just to the left of the flowering tree which I’ve chosen to believe is a horse chestnut again, until someone tells me different. I think my German friends would call it a Linden, though, so I’m all confused…. Anyhoo: what’s visible of the castle are the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral. Of it and the whole castle compound, much (much) more to come. I’ll need to check whether I managed to take more photos during three days in Prague than I did during two days in Petra last year. Hmmm….

One response

  1. John Jaffray

    We are looking forward to the rest of the Prague photos!

    June 6, 2022 at 06:02

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