Urban Entrances.13

A special Urban Entrances today to put all these photos of the architectural details in one post together. This remarkable palace turned museum is on the plaza area attached to the main entrance to whole Prague Palace Complex…so sort of part of it, but really not, I guess. It’s complicated. At first I thought the details were painted on. Nope, engraved or whatever one calls it when it’s done in stone. Wow.

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  1. Gretchen Thomas

    I love doorways and thresholds. And I love Prague. Did you know that Jan Hus (the marvellous statue of him in the main square!) was chosen and promoted by Maserick (sp?) to be the new unifying hero of the Czech (sp?) people when M. became their president. M’s wife was an American Unitarian (from New Jersey where M. had gone for refuge during WWI. The Unitarians in Europe had always held Hus as a forebringer of Unitarianism. The burning chalice symbol was first used by the Czech Canadian woman (Lotta Hitchmanova? if memory serves me today) who organised the first Unitarian ServiceCommittee relief for Europe as a cover for helping aiding escape efforts for anyone the Nazis were going to disappear before and all through WWII. The burning chalice—or so Lotta’s story tells it—derived from Hus’s being burned at the stake for his heretical beliefs and practices, mostly around taking power from the church hierarchy and giving it to the local priests and their people. The present day Unitarian Church is very near the Charles bridge. I vaguely remember it’s address as #8 on that same?? street maybe.
    My most memorable trip to Prague was with a group of Canadian and American Unitarians less than a week after 9/11. The flowers in front of the US Embassy stretched around the block, even though they cleared them up every night. You couldn’t speak a sentence iin American English without strangers nearby coming to throw their arms around you in consolation.

    June 8, 2022 at 01:27

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