A new series for a new place, of which you see my very first photo immediately above and, just below, the remaining photos taken as our airplane approached the runway of this lovely mountainous island off the Atlantic coast of Morocco yesterday afternoon. I want to share them fast, because of that lovely sense of discovery I had, after a 7am flight out of a very cold Amsterdam and connecting time in Lisbon, as our plane came ever closer to the waves below us and I eagerly looked for my first view of this new island. Semi-perfectionist (or mildly obsessive) individual that I am, it hurts me to fall out of number order – somewhere a few months ago I decided I’d try to have some numeric order in my series – but as I’ve wanted to launch an “islands” series ever since I realized the missed opportunity after I’d posted most of my lovely Texel photos, I simply don’t want to wait longer.

The blog tells me I’ve now posted at least one new post per day, for 317 days in a row. This means I need to cover 48 more days and I’ll hit my 365-day mark in the second half of January, and then I really do think I’ll allow myself another extended break. In the meantime I do keep seeing amazing stuff on walks, from flights, during bike rides…and it’s fun to share. Hope you’ll enjoy these new views. More from this island in the days ahead. (And yep, if you view it in full blog mode, you’ll see the nation and island in the “categories,” otherwise a future post will be less mysterious, I’m sure…).

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  1. Gretchen Thomas

    For whatever reason, islands have always grabbed my heart. In 2019? 18? I flew on a tiny plane along the Maine coast on my way home from a SoulCollage Retreat on Monhegan Island and looked right down on Star Island. It’s amazing to see a place you know well from that new perspective. There’s no way it’s star-shaped. Historian Ann Beaty once said it was misnamed that by sailors who must have been drunk at the time.

    December 5, 2022 at 23:45

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