From The Air.1

Today marks my 365th day in a row of posts here, and as the day dawns where I’m now living (also, as it happens, when this post will appear for you dear readers), I should be back in the air on yet another weary international flight for work. Or perhaps in another airport for another connection. (I’m scheduling this post before I head to the airport, if you’re curious…)
In any case, it felt appropriate to open the “last day” with a new series, since any of you who’ve followed the blog over the years know I usually have a camera at hand and try to enjoy the perspective from the air when I’m on these long flights, so it’s always likely that there’ll be other opportunities for an entry in this new series. All the photos in this post were taken in the span of ten minutes as our flight approached Abu Dhabi’s airport in the wee hours of a morning last November. Interesting, what serious irrigation (and wealth to create that irrigation) can make of a desert, isn’t it?

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