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Same rainbow as the lost post, but this time looking over at the fishing boats & Woodley Island so as to keep my “series” lined up 🙂

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City Views.180

More art from Balmy Ally, which we’ve shown you once before.

City Views.179

Eureka is as “city” as it gets on California’s actual coastline, from SF all the way up to Oregon, with its nearly 40k residents.




Last view of Woodley Island in Eureka’s harbor. You’re also seeing the relocated lighthouse-tower portion of what’s apparently the historic Table Bluff Lighthouse, which when operating and intact was located on the eponymous bluff south of Eureka, on Arcata Bay.

County Views.119

Eureka’s harbor at low tide. Humboldt county, for those who aren’t seeing the metadata on the full view 🙂

County Views.118

This, friends, is the ranch house at the LBJ Ranch, also known as Lyndon B Johnson State Park & Historic Site. While LBJ (a great Texas democrat, lest we forget that such have existed) was president, this building was also informally known as the Texas White House. The county we’re viewing here, in case you’re curious, is Gillespie County :-). As you’ll deduce, the historic site includes an earlier incarnation of Air Force One; my cousins felt it might be fun to photograph me attempting a presidential-style wave from the stairs, with my nephew beside me after the tough flight 🙂

Small Wonders.178

A number of small wonders from the lovely days in Texas with my extended family, to which I introduced our readers in an earlier post. These photos were all taken on (as you may deduce) a cool, slightly-rainy morning at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. Above, a flower I can’t identify; below, bluebonnets many times over. 🙂

City Views.178

These views of SF and the greater region are from the take-off ascent when we flew back to Amsterdam two weeks ago. The photos at top and bottom were selected as highlights for two reasons. First, because they both show the atmospheric effect of  heat in the central valley (more than 100km east – right – of what you see here) pulling cool, moist air — aka fog — in from the vast, cold and wet Pacific directly through the Golden Gate (not the bridge, but the small gap in the coastal mountains which the bridge spans) and then inland, following the river that drains the valley then flows into the bay, in the process flowing over both the city of San Francisco, and some of the surrounding cities to the north and east. Second, because they both also show you the lovely north bay and – if I had that degree of resolution – they likely look right over Sonoma Mountain and the other coastal-range mountains to show Santa Rosa, in its little bowl about 65km north of the Golden Gate. FYI, the bridge you do see is the Bay Bridge, its two spans connecting SF with Oakland and the east bay, forming the western terminus of Interstate 80, just as the George Washington Bridge forms its eastern terminus at the Hudson between NYC & NJ. The Golden Gate Bridge, by that particular Monday afternoon, was already well-wrapped in the fog you see :-).


And then a month later we explored other coastlines on a different ocean 🙂


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