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Signs of the City.1

I mentioned in the last post that what I see every day here in Dhaka are signs: commercial signs most frequently, traffic information signs at times, and currently a lot of electoral-campaign signs. Yes, Dhaka city elections are happening a week from now, so we’ve had campaign rickshaw-bikes with loudspeakers, campaign tuk-tuks (or whatever the local term is here – still haven’t learned it) with loudspeakers, campaign walks with the candidate…campaign everything. Since the last post was all about Dhaka, and since one week from today this full-of-life city will hold mayoral and city-council elections (I think they’re called ward councilors here, but I haven’t researched the question deeply), I figured these two photos which give you a wee taste of the current campaign signage’s omnipresence is as good a way to start my explorations of signs in/of the city as any. Enjoy 🙂