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Beachfront Birthday

I know of no better way to celebrate completing a cycle around the sun (aka one’s birthday) than to spend the day(s) surrounded by friends, in places one likes, doing things one likes. Some of my very best friends in the world let me do just exactly that along with their extended family for a full three-generational weekend of awesomeness that included seeing Sea Otters & hearing loud sea lions at Santa Cruz Pier; attending fantastic concerts at the Cabrillo Music Festival; sunrise, sunset, and daytime walks along a beautiful beach on Monterey Bay; exploring a wetland called Elkhorn Slough…oh, and some really good birthday cake and strawberries. True, this all happened in August, but it’s nice to remember it now that I’m about 8,000 miles away and reaching the end of an eventful calendar year. 😊 Here’s to holidays and special times with friends and family. (Just below, one of those sea otters. Further down…is it possible to enjoy – and photograph – a sunset too much?)