Paul and Marta

Paul and Marta

Everyone is asking for photos, and I’m really sorry I haven’t had a
chance to take many yet or to download the few I have onto my computer
(remember, we are an international humanitarian organization, so our
money goes to project costs, not the country admin’s computer…I’ll
let you draw your own conclusions 🙂 ). But here’s a picture of
Marta, the WONDERFUL seven-month old daughter of Stefano, field
coordinator for the AIDS project, and Katja, his partner. They took
this photo when we were at a rest stop on the trip back from Yangshuo
my second weekend here…for those of the Yale group who may remember
the drive back from someone’s wedding somewhere some time, the drive
with Stefano, Katja, Laura (nurse in the AIDS project) and Selina
(country medical coordinator) included by far the longest and most
enjoyable round of Boticelli since at least that drive, if not ever in
my life. (Judi, if you are reading this, it made me think of you.) We
played the real rules, and trying to guess who folks were thinking of
when they asked their questions was even more fun than trying to guess
the person we were trying to figure out. What a blast!

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