City Views.181

I’ve biked and even walked past this building literally hundreds of times, but had never noticed this lovely mural which in my view fits well into my “graffiti art” tag, though the other graffito of which I’ve left a small portion to the bottom right is more in the “teenage annoyance” category than the “art” one. Either it’s new, or the door was always up, or I was just focused on other things. This mural depicts what you’d have seen in the old days, when trams ran regularly down this line, with the “Haarlemmermeerstation” right behind it.

This is the view a person would have had, in those days, if they’d swiveled 90 degrees to the left, from the perspective in which I took this photo. That’s more info that you need, but perhaps useful for any who’ve visited me, in situating yourself. I’ve shown blog viewers the brick building in one or two posts taken from its far side, and this alleyway (which is now mostly used for bikes, parking, gyms and flea-market stores) only once thus far…but I’ve passed along it just about any time I took photos that are tagged “Park Schinkeleilanden,” for anyone curious enough to try to fit it all together :-).

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