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Last use of the photos from this year’s lovely display of bluebells at my lovely local canal-side park. ‘Til next season, dear flowers.





The foreground is an island, from which I took this canal view, so I get to categorize it in this series if I want to. Plus, it’s my blog anyway so I can categorize how I like :-). But I do need to get out and explore some bigger islands again soon, or this series will have to go into hibernation… 😦


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We’ve reached the point here in the fairly-far-northern hemisphere where the sun rises disappointingly late and sets disappointingly early, I find myself counting the weeks and days until the earth starts to rotate the other way and begin shortening the southern days and lengthening our norhtern days…and if on a work-from-home day the sun peeks out from behind the clouds after my last onscreen work appointment, I automatically think “get out of the house for a walk and enjoy it while it’s shining!” The above came from one such recent walk along one of my favorite local canals.

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Small Wonders.106

Biking home from tennis one evening, the sunlight caught this lovely field of bluebells so strikingly that I simply had to stop, hop off the bike, and snap some photos so as to share the beauty with you all 🙂

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