Scenes from the School

Scenes from the School
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

And finally, some slightly arty shots I managed to take at the school

which functioned as the storage, loading and unloading point for all

of our distributions. Naturally, there were some times when we were

waiting for trucks to arrive, for loading or unloading, or just

moments when we’d take a break from the heat and sun. These were shot

during those moments when I was resting a bit and just looking around.

The brown stuff on the ground is unhulled rice set out to dry — in

one shot you see it in the foreground, with a shipment being prepared

in the background. In another shot you see a closeup with the small

broom for stirring it around so that it all dries evenly. Traveling

around the countryside, I saw a LOT of rice being harvested, and often

saw small amounts laid out to dry like this, before being hulled and

finally prepared.

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