Signs of the County.13

This is the last post I’ll be making on this particular, lovely holiday with my friends and community at home: this morning I’ll be flying out, and by Tuesday morning I’ll be back at the office in Dhaka. Herewith signs from the middle, west and east portions of one of my favorite long, sunny-day easy rides through my own neighborhood. From the Ewok Sign to the Pole with “No Dogs” and the circular blue signs is maybe 8 miles or so as biked by me — a bit more or less, but roughly that much. The west (Ewok) end is on a creek-side bike trail, while the east end is the beginning of several possible mountain-bike trail loops in the state park nearest to me, Annadel. Goodbye, dear trails — may many others appreciate and explore you in the months until you see me next 🙂

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  1. Hi Paul! I hope you had some good R&R at home in California, and I wish you a boy voyage! Hopefully we’ll see each other in person before the year is out! Sorry you’re going to be out of the country for so long!

    March 1, 2020 at 08:51

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