City Views.63

As I’ve shown in the last two posts, December 21 dawned bright , clear & cold – and it ended bright, clear & cold. I played hooky from (American) or skived off (British) work in the afternoon to play tennis…but got to the courts to find frost still on the courts and all play suspended. The choices then were go home and slouch around depressed either avoiding work and feeling guilty or doing work and feeling put-upon, or embrace the day. These photos tell you my choice :-). Look closely the canal photo in the gallery below & you’ll note that there’s still frost in one corner of the photo. I think the air temps were formally just above freezing between 2 and 4ish, the time of this bike ride — but unless the sun was shining directly on something, the overnight frost did not melt. And that’s me soaking up the sun with my tennis bag in the bike’s basket behind me–didn’t go home to drop it for fear I’d sink into torpor if I did.

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