Village Views.27

Farm buildings on the southern edge of the village of Den Hoorn, on Texel — with main village itself in the distance on the photo below. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll manage to figure out which Texel (pronounced “tessel,” it seems) photos I still haven’t posted, and get those ready for sharing in the day(s) ahead. I might have mentioned that I had a hard crash on my computer – mostly self-inflicted b/c there were some dialogues coming up which made me fear a virus had infected the computer, so I reinstalled everything, and thought I’d backed up up all the photos I’d already sorted and named…but turns out the backup was messed up and files didn’t open, so I’ve been recovering from my phone. At least one generally has several layers of backup in this digital world, eh? 🙂 Anyone coming to NL at a time when the weather is lovely should seriously consider a quiet day or two up on Texel. It’s really gorgeous 🙂

One response

  1. Very beautiful place 😍😍😍

    September 3, 2022 at 10:06

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