Urban Garden.136

While our Amsterdam weather since December hasn’t been nearly as dramatic & dangerous as California’s, it’s still featured more rainy days than one really needs. So far as I can recall, the sun has managed to peek through the clouds on four days or so since about the week before Christmas, and on only one of those did it stick around very long.

This means getting out to parks is quite simply hard and minimally appealing. Seeing anything visually appealing once there, let alone bothering to take the phone out and photograph it? Even harder. Nonetheless, there was sufficient break in the rain — even a fleeting moment of sun — to lure me into the park on my way home from the gym this morning. By the time my camera was out, the sun had vanished. In the seconds between when I took the photo above and the photo below, the sleet had begun. Ah, well, gardens are still gardens, even in the sleet and wind. 🙂

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  1. Maria

    Geez, I suddenly think that our little corner of the world, formerly-known-as the snow capital of the nation, has suddenly become the garden spot! Rain, but not too much, snow, ditto (really, not enough for us skiers); wind, yeah, but n-t-m; tornadoes, well, no indeed; hurricanes, not since 1954; shoreline erosion and landslides, um, no; sun, more than we deserve, I guess. What’s up? Uh-oh, touch wood the evil eye won’t get us! (Ooh, think I’ll put that little composition on FB!)
    But seriously, I’m glad that your corner of the world is OK, if a bit sleety, too.

    January 16, 2023 at 00:23

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