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County Views.106 – Wet & Dry #2

All taken along Joe Rodota Bike Path, between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. Top photo in April, bottom & center above last October, outer middle two in February this year. And they say coastal California doesn’t have season! 🙂


Errant Masks.3

Errant Masks.1

Another new series, dedicated to finding art even in masks which can no longer protect their original owners or any other humans…


County Views.30


County Views.19

County Views.1

Welcome to a new series, to which I’ll be trying to add a new post every day as much as possible. Think of it as the local fire-and-covid-and-whatever-else-may-come version of my Dhaka “if I’ve posted today, it means I’m healthy, coherent, and housed-with-internet enough to load and post something for my friends, family and any other viewers who stumble upon my little visual exploration of my surrounding environment. Since this series will cover some of my very favorite places in the whole – wide – world, you never know what you might see :-). Enjoy…and comment or send nice notes if you feel inspired.