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County Views – Forest Mysteries Edition

If I Were A Redwood…

I’d be happy to grow tall in a steep canyon, where fog lingers in the morning to feed my needles, and a stream burbles in the rainy season to nourish my roots.

I’d be lucky to grow close to the ocean, whose summer fogs and winter warmth would help me grow taller and stronger.

I’d nurture a circle of friends to help me recover from fires.

I’d remember that most of us can survive a fire or two, if our roots are deep enough and our friends close around to support us.


I’d remember that life and death intertwine all around me.

I’d remember that when my seed germinated, the coast Miwok and Pomo still gathered fish, berries and nuts in my canyon, and no one had seen these tree-cutting Europeans yet.

I’d remember that fires, nations, governments and even diseases all have their time, while the seeds dropped by my ancestors created a forest that somehow has managed to remain.