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  1. Sam Craig

    How big is this crab? Am I seeing this right?

    October 18, 2020 at 06:44

    • Once upon a time, a crab scuttled along the ocean floor, finding small things to consume. Then it died, either through natural causes or because some animal (land-based or ocean-based, the story does not tell us), and some human decided its claw would make a nice adornment for the end of a stick. In my telling of this tale, a family went to the ocean to escape the smoky skies they’d been living with. A child, combing the beach for its many fasciantions, found this dearly-departed crab’s claw and noticed that it might fit on the end of her / his / their / choose-your-pronoun stick. When this beautiful creative child was going back to the car, their / her / his / other parent(s) said “no, that can’t come in the car.” And thus, the claw was left on the last stair by the parking lot, to be discovered either by ants and even smaller entities for further decomposition, or by a four-footed or winged visitor of some sort or another, or perhaps by the next day’s first creative, curious young child or grownup child… The story is yours to tell, my dear Sam :-).

      October 18, 2020 at 19:22

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