City Canals.8

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  1. Gretchen Thomas

    Dear Paul, I love these photos from Amsterdam— one of my most favourite cities. The last time we were there (about two? probably three? years ago) we stumbled on a fascinating Banksy exhibit that made me feel better than I had in ages. And everywhere we walked we kept uncovering secret gardens and back lanes and magical bridges.

    When a good friend lived in Amsterdam for a year (lots of very steep stairs inside, with only half-deep steps so your had to turn your feet sideways) it turned out the home they’d rented had belonged to a Jewish family who stayed in the city thru WWII. They managed that by digging out a false back cellar and lived in the dark and dirt through the war, as did all their neighbours. They rented the front to friends who kept them fed and safe. The hole is still there—making it possible to go from one house to another all down the block.

    Marie only found out about all this one day when she’d kicked herself out and was sitting by her front door waiting for her husband to come with his keys. Her next door neighbour saw her and said, “We can solve this.” Without explaining, he went into his own house and soon, to her astonishment, eventually came out of her front door.! All the trees down the center of that large street lean over, making a very unnatural looking V because their roots were so compromised by the digging out of hiding places. Have you seen it? I could write and ask her the address if you haven’t.

    I ought to have a photo. If I can find it, I’ll send it. Hoping to join the Star Sitters during their week. The time work pretty well for me each evening and again the next morning to hear Dave’s talk. Which may mean the times are not so good for you? Cheers, Gretchen

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  2. John Jaffray

    Hi Paul! I love the pictures! Amsterdam is beautiful!

    August 16, 2021 at 07:09

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