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Our penultimate suite of photos from the lovely city of Arnhem, capital of the (by Dutch standards) very large province of Gelderland. My cousin Sam commented the first time I posted a photo of this historic cathedral that he loves the cathedral – simply because it’s a lovely and impressive structure and stands out in the cityscape, as you see. Add the history, to which I referred in an earlier post, and it gets even more interesting. But then, ask yourself how I got close enough to photograph the interesting sculptures of individuals you see in the photo above? And then look closely just above the left-hand clock in the photo below. Yes, that is one of two “glass balconies” built into this structure, and yes, I walked out onto both of them, and yes, even I who am really not afraid of heights found it a wee – bit – freaky. I do very highly recommend the experience and have already told Sam that we need to go when he visits. We’ll see if he can fit into his itinerary or not :-). In the gallery  below, more photos from Arnhem as taken either from the church tower & glass balconies, or from my walks around town.



One response

  1. Sam Craig

    Got it! I really love cityscapes like that where most of the building are at a unified height so then one building bucking that trend can really help shape it as a centerpiece of the city. I think of Florence, Italy on that front too.

    September 21, 2022 at 05:49

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