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City Lights.15

More from this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival; a thing I learned about doing it by boat is that you have to hurry to take the photos you want! 🙂

City Lights.14

One of my favorite light sculptures from this year’s edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which this year I did by boat. Last year we were in lockdown, so no boat tours were possible, now that I know where to find them all, I can go back see some of my favorites again from the banks of the canals instead of from a moving boat :-). The building behind it is the Amstel Hotel, apparently the first hotel in Europe to be electrified, if I understood what the boat tour guide told us.

City Lights.12

This year’s installation for the Amsterdam Light Festival in a little park near my office. You can see last year’s here. The whole festival is installed in and around canals on my office’s side of town, so I’ve seen some of them biking to and from work already, but do plan a boat tour some evening soon (not locked down this year, so I can do it a bit more warmly than last year!), and hopefully share some photos with you in future posts.

City Lights.11

Funchal really does Christmas lights in a big, big way. Notice the lighter blue lights in the peaked roofs on this waterfront cafe, just above? Those are volcanoes erupting, and though I tried, I couldn’t get the video to upload well nor did it really show the eruptions well enough to bother… Last holiday-lights show from Funchal here, and then some from Amsterdam next, which as you may recall from many posts last year does its own winter lights quite nicely :-).

Urban Garden.129

Here you see the Jardim Municipal da Funchal in all its Christmas splendor. This is also where we watched Portugal play its last two world cup matches; the daytime shot below was from that match they lost to Morocco, while the evening shot was the prior match where they beat Switzerland in the round of 16… :-). FYI Cristiano Ronaldo is from Madeira, hence the thought it would be good to watch on the public screen in the heart of town.

Urban Canals.48

This, dear friends, brings us to the end of the photos of the festival of light. Check out my first such post for more info about the festival, and consider visiting Amsterdam for a future edition of the festival!

Urban Canals.47

Urban Canals.46

Urban Canals.45

What you miss is the music that boat was playing, the sound of laughter … and of fun being had 🙂

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Urban Canals.44

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Urban Canals.41

Urban Canals.40