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Paths and Parks, Poppies and Panoramas

New Grass at Hood Mtn Park160514 Cloudy Valley of the Moon - from Gunsight RockIn May, I spent a few weeks of holiday back in Sonoma County. As ever, I spent as much time as I could on the bike trails and in the parks. As you’ll see in these photos, the California poppies were in bloom, the days were usually sunny but sometimes – as when Amy & I climbed to the top of Hood Mountain — pretty cloudy and even occasionally rainy. (That’s rare for May in California, in case you didn’t know.) In Haiti, where I’m spending most of my time these days, I rarely have the chance to linger by streams with wading birds and gliding ducks, or to enjoy little irises or turkeys fanning out during a hike in the woods. I’ve also included a couple of shots taken at Dolores Park, one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, which has been under reconstruction much of the past year and now looks fresh, new and as popular as ever.

Paul at Gunsight Rock OverlookTurkey from Richardson Trail 2Dolores Park Overlook Pano

Paul on Trail 1

California Coastal Reconnection

Coast Poppies & Catalinasmw, slt has been in my titular US  home of San Francisco for three weeks now. Prior to that, during the post-assignment re-alignment of my sensibilities that I undertake after each international work stint, I spent five weeks living on the coastal side of Los Angeles. During that time, my activities consisted primarily of the following: bike rides up and down the coast and up into Topanga Canyon, concerts at  Walt Disney Concert Hall, concerts and museum visits at both Getty Centre and Getty Villa, and getting together with the various friends I have there. On the theory that it’s good to post the imges from my last location before leaving my current one, I present a selection of shots undertaken during those activities. Each photo has a name which says what it is, and I think I will let them do all the speaking. If you’re in touch with me, you know the process of transition and rearrangement I’m undergoing vis-a-vis preparation for the next phases. If you’re curious but not yet in touch…what’s stopping you? 🙂 Enjoy!

MdR Sunset BoatDowntown DetailDT WDCH sunsetCoast Paul SelfieCoast - Topanga Pano 2Downtown Library -Fountain-TowersMdR Pano 5Redondo Beach & PV Peninsula PV Peninsula & Kite  Surfers QmarkMdR Pano 6MdR Regatta - Mtns

MdR Pano  3 Manhattan Beach Tourist & WavesMdR & Samo Mtn Pano MdR & LAX Take-Offs Marina del Rey Sunset PanoManhattan Beach OceanfrontDT Paul & Library DT City Hall

DT Buildings ColumnsDowntown Library & TowersCoastal view - MalibuCoast Lifeguard Hut & Beach VolleyballCoast - Topanga Cyn Coast - Cal Poppies & Catalina Island